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"Hi Montana!!!! 
Wow!!! Seriously we are still reeling from the whole weekend and I cannot tell you how many times people have said what a great job you did or how much they loved the ceremony! So many folks said it was the best they had ever experienced, most heartfelt, true, most poetic, powerful, etc.... We are EXTREMELY pleased with how things went and what an amazing surprise to find your gift of the keepsake manuscript! We had no clue that would be in there and were so delighted to find it on Sunday when we opened it!! Especially since, once the moment was over, I felt like I couldn’t remember quite everything, it was great to have it recorded like that - so sweet of you!!! Thank you! 

I’ve had a few people ask for your name and we will certainly recommend you to anyone!!! All of your advice and opinions were SPOT on and I’m so glad we had some one with your experience level to help us along with this journey!! 

Also can’t believe I cried through basically the whole thing haha! Once I got started I could not stop! lol! And I was completely shocked by the ring surprise. Wow. That was so sweet and perfect! Just again, still tearing up thinking about it and so so happy with how everything turned out! Wow! 

Thanks again Montana!!! You are awesome!!! :) 
Love, Erin xoxo"


“Montana, it was so great to meet you!  We both feel very much like we are in good hands, and you made me excited all over again about our big day. Thank you! Chris”


"You did a wonderful job scripting the ceremony, and we couldn't have asked for more.  We are still getting feedback from our guests that it was the most unique and genuine ceremony they've ever been to.  We both quickly realized we should have given you an official invitation after you left.  I think (in the midst of the chaos) we both just assumed you would stick around if you were able to...We should have made you an official guest from the beginning.  
Anyway, we will absolutely give you amazing reviews and recommend you to everyone we know!
Thanks!  Mike H"


"Hey!  Sorry for my delay in getting back with you!!  The week is SO busy for us most times.  You were absolutely LOVELY to chat with, and we would love to work with you!  ...we'd love for you to be our celebrant!

Also, thank you SO much for the wonderful suggestions you sent over.  I'll start digging into them further this weekend as well.  I love the idea of working with you, and you just seem like someone who would easily become family to us!  Keep doing what you're doing, you don't need lavish advertising to be great at what you do, your reviews are everything.  

Again, you were truly lovely and we'd love to have you be a part of our day.  I'm ready to get the ball rolling whenever you are!  

 Thank you Montana! K----"


​"Hello Montana!  I wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for meeting with us on Wednesday morning!


We are very excited to work with you on our ceremony. You are exactly what we were looking for in an officiant and I feel much more peaceful about our ceremony knowing that it's in your hands. :)  Thanks so much, SB"


​"Dear Montana,

We were totally floored with how warm you were and how at ease we felt with you immediately.  We just felt connected to you right away and knew that you were the one for us.  We can't wait to see what you come up with for our ceremony and are excited to read your suggestions for rituals and how we can include our guests.  

Thank you so much for changing your schedule to meet with us so late.  We know V---'s work schedule sucks and it was nice to find someone willing to meet outside normal work hours.  

We're so excited and can't wait to work with you!  Thanks again, P-- and V---"

"Thank you for all your help with this - I really appreciate all the work you're putting in...Summer and I can’t express how enjoyable the process has been and how thankful we are that we found you to create and help orchestrate this process.   Let us know if you need anything else!  -K"


"Dear Montana, I just wanted to thank you again for making my sister's rehearsal so fun and easy and for the incredible job you did with their wedding.  Although it will be a few years down the road, I WILL be calling you to write my ceremony, too!  Hugs, R"



What can we say?  We were blown away.  Our cheeks hurt from laughing.  We ran you out of tissues when Chris couldn't hold it together, and we spent the night saying 'thank you' for all the compliments we heard about the ceremony during our reception.  We told you we were simple and didn't require much, but you even took that and turned it into a wonderful moment for us!  Thank you so much! ~S"

"Montana, Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. And moreover reminding Jeremy and I why we love each other.
Thank you again!  Brandy"


We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for all you did to make our ceremony a dream come true. Your ability to share our love story in a way that will forever resonate in everyone's heart which means the absolute world to us. After the ceremony so many of our guests approached and said do you realize you do have a lifetime movie or even a book to write and that our ceremony was the best they had ever been to. And that was because of and how you presented 
We both loved the hand fasting and are so happy we chose to include that.
Thank you again for everything.  We can't wait to watch the video:)))))
Take care! B & J"


"Hi Montana!  
Thank you so much for the pictures, and more so, thank you for being our officiant. We had so many compliments on the ceremony and it was truly perfect for us! We LOVE the book of our ceremony too. That will be so nice to have as we get older and look back on our wedding day. We will send you pictures when we get them; I think it will be another week or two. Have a wonderful day!
Lauren and Mitchel"


I really can't say thank you enough, or enough positive things about you. You were simply amazing, and I thank God we had you as part of our day. It really was a blessing. I do hope to stay in touch with you! My sister Brittany (the one I wanted you to planner) was in love with you! I knew it! She said she was so happy we had asked you to be our celebrant! Again, we thank you so so so so so much for your hard work and dedication to telling our love journey.  
Much love to you! I hope all is well :)
Sincerely, Taylor D"


​"Thank you so very much!!! We laughed and cried while we read this! ~Matt & Wendy"


​"Thank you so much Montana!!! We loved meeting you and cannot wait to see what we all come up with for the ceremony!! We appreciated your flexibility! I have done about half of the home work and I should have it done next week! Thank you again! Yay! :) ~E"


Thanks again for everything and I can't tell you how many compliments we have received on how good a job you did at the ceremony!
Also, we loved the home plate, thanks for that!
Thanks,  Sean"


​"Montana, yesterday was truly magical, and we are still buzzing with excitement. Lots of love Rachel and Phil"

“Dear Montana,
It was wonderful to meet you at the Bridal Show!  J- and I were very impressed when we met you and would love to set up a consultation with you.  We are thrilled with the idea of having a meaningful ceremony such as you are trained to create.  …Thank you!  We can't wait to get started planning our ceremony. :) M- and J-“  and “P.S.  I REALLY hope that you are still available for our wedding!”

“Hi Montana
Oh no we are not even thinking about whether you should be our celebrant or not - you are the lady for us, we found you and we are keeping you no matter what!”


From a ceremony DJ:  "Good afternoon, Montana, it was a pleasure working with you yesterday!  I wish we could have exchanged business cards before you left - I will certainly keep you in mind when I talk with brides, you did a really nice job.  
Warm regards, Tricia"


From a ceremony photographer:  "Your cue sheet was helpful, it was a flawless ceremony!" 


From a bride eight months after their ceremony:  "I hope things are going well for you. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we are expecting! We are expecting a boy due april 24. Everything is going great and our love keeps growing stronger each day. Bret has been very supportive & has gone to every one of my appointments. Again thanks for our wonderful ceremony. Take care  Hollie"

“Hi Montana, We are so excited to have you officiate our wedding ceremony!  When we met at Starbucks, I, personally, felt like you and I probably had a lot in common! :)”

“im very interested in having you do our wedding and share the day with us!  S & J”

“We would like to meet in person again, whenever you're available! Thank you so much again, we are very excited!”

“Hi Montana,
I LOVE IT!!!  I was laughing and crying, it is so great!  Thank you so much!! 
Thank you again, this is sooooo wonderful!

My dear, your words are wonderful! You have an amazing grasp of using language, so thank you for sharing this with us. I was reading so much of this aloud and discovering beautiful synchronicities I hadn't picked up on my first read through. Honestly, I was fighting back tears at times, and laughing at your jokes at other times. This is going to the most beautiful ceremony!
Again, thanks so much for your work and your patience with us. I hope you're having a wonderful day and that you know I appreciate you. :) Tyler“

It was wonderful to meet with you this evening.  J- and I are so excited about building our ceremony with you!  We are confident that it is going to be beautiful, meaningful, and truly memorable.  Additionally, you are very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.  We feel comfortable in your hands. :) Thank you for working with us! Best, M-“

“We are so thankful to you for all of you support throughout the wedding planning process.  You created a beautiful, intimate ceremony for us, and we couldn't be more thrilled!  Additionally, you are such a beautiful person, and we are blessed to know you and count you among our friends and loved ones.
Best,  M-“

“I shared your wonderful ideas with T- for our flower girl, and we decided we will just have her walk with a bouquet of flowers. I tried selling the pomander is a great idea! You have so many!”

“Hi Montana!
We love it!  It's awesome, and I feel way better about everything now that I can picture it and it feels very us!  Thank you!  Thank you! J-“

“Hi Montana!
The ceremony sounds so wonderful! We enjoyed reading it together.  Anthony loved your suggestion of reading our personal vows to each other on the first night of the honeymoon. For the ceremony, we will write some silly things for our vows that are jokes between us that we don't mind saying in front of everyone.  Thank you for all your hard work so far! 
J- & A-“ 

“We did receive your email and voicemail. T- and I have looked over everything and are very happy in the direction it is going.  Thank you so much for all of your guidance and effort to make this such a special day. Liam“

“Thank you so much for offering your friendship and time!  It really means A LOT to me.  I don't have a lot of close friendships in this area yet, so it seriously does mean a lot to me.  M-“

Brought us to tears! Unbelievable!!!!!!
We will call you tomorrow evening as it's easier to talk:)
So happy with everything!
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
B- and J-”

“Hi, Montana! After reading through the ceremony draft (which, oh my goodness, I LOVE and already made me cry three or four times!) and attending our friends' ceremony this morning, I decided to revise my vows.”

“I am deeply spiritual and feel so blessed to have you officiate our wedding. We both feel a connection to you, and love all your ideas! The ceremony and vows symbolize our life-long commitment to one another, and so explaining the gravity of the ceremony it's self is great.  We love what you’ve written.”

“It's funny you put the Adam Sandler song in the reading material.  Jason will sometimes play guitar and I like to have him sing that to me!  :-)  You’re almost scary good! LOL”

“Hi Montana,
I am attaching draft 1!!  Hopefully it is easy to follow what changes we made.  We didn't want to delete anything you had written.  Thank you again for being such an amazing celebrant, we feel so lucky that we have you officiating our wedding!”

“The ceremony looks WONDERFUL, by the way, Montana! Thank you so much - we are in awe of the amazing work you've done, making our ceremony so special and US.”

“I had been struggling with my vows, but after working with your vows writing guide, I had a breakthrough this evening! They are mostly done. I just need to sleep on them and do a final polish. Thanks for your help and sorry for the delay!”

“Hello Montana,
Thank you so much for all your hard work, I can tell by your questions that you are being really thorough and we appreciate your dedication.”

“Thanks for getting back with me, Montana.  I appreciate all your thoroughness.  I had not thought about the acoustics or anything like that.  It is a very open, airy and lofty room.  It also has a waterfall that is a wonderful backdrop, but would certainly interfere with people being able to hear the ceremony.  Again, I had not even thought about that.  I am so glad we have you! :-) I certainly don't want any of this to interfere with what will be a wonderful ceremony, I know! I am beginning to get very excited (and a little obsessed) about our nuptials!”

“Montana, we want to thank you for all your hard work, we are so glad we found you. ~Steve and Elaine”

"Hi Montana,
Thanks for the ritual ideas.  I really like the muslin fabric idea!  Keep the ideas flowing.  The punch ritual is truly unique.  It is an awesome idea and truly represents the merging of the family.  Thanks for getting back to both of us.  Have a great rest of the weekend!  Hailey”

“HI Montana!
We got your card! thank you so much! we loved the ceremony and it was everything we wanted!!!
i will definitely refer you to anyone who asks and will think of you if we need another ceremony completed!!!
stay cool out there!
ps. let me know if you need a testimony. i will gladly do one for you :)”

“Wow!  Wonderful and touching!”

“Hey, Montana,
We really appreciate all of your help and the personal touches. Heidi got a big kick out of it when you told me not to get overwhelmed as we are picking songs, because she could see that I was feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it.  It’s like you’ve known me for years.
Thanks again,

“Hi Montana,
This final draft looks great!  We appreciate you sending the props list reminder, too.  Thank you so much!  We look forward to seeing you next week.  It's been a pleasure working with you!  Best, J-“

“Montana, we just wanted to thank you again for our beautiful ceremony. It was such an amazing day - I was looking forward to the ceremony the most, and it exceeded all of my expectations and was just so special to me. I can't tell you how many of our guests commented on what a beautiful, personal ceremony it was because I lost count!

The keepsake is also wonderful - I laughed out loud (in a good way) when I saw the cover! Thank you so much for serving as our celebrant. Let me know if you have a need for a testimonial ever, and we will be sure to send you pictures once we receive them.

Have a wonderful day,
Christie and Chris”


"Montana, yesterday was truly magical, and we are still buzzing with excitement. In the craziness of the day I forgot where you said you put the keepsake marriage license? If you have it with you we can meet when we get back into town to get it from you!
Lots of love Rachel and Phil"


​"We got back from our honeymoon yesterday and still basking in the glow of the events from the past week! The gold bag with the keepsake ceremony and the marriage certificate were located, thank you so much! We of course will be happy to provide a glowing review and will send the link to our families as well! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything!
Mr. And Mrs B!"


​"Montana, we can't thank you enough for how you were able to create such an emotional, moving, warm-hearted, elegant, and personal ceremony for us. It was truly perfect! Guests - both family and friends keep telling us how they loved the unique ceremony and felt like they were able to share and learn our love story - something they had never seen before. Again - it was PERFECT - I couldn't imagine a more perfect ceremony. Nailed it!! Steph and Butch"

“Hi Montana,
Here is more info, we are getting really excited about how things are coming together!
Thank you so much!”

“It's perfect Montana. Absolutely perfect.  Wonderfully done. Thank you. L-“

“Good morning Montana!
We loved the ceremony!  We were both tearing up the whole time and we are now considering putting boxes of tissues on every seat:).  You did such an amazing job and really captured what we wanted (actually didn't even know we wanted until you wrote it!) for our ceremony!  We can tell you worked so hard on it and it sounds amazing!  I also LOVED the giving, it is exactly what I wanted!!  Both options are great!  Thank you thank you thank you!
Heidi and Tom”

“Hi Montana- 
We are saying YES to having you do our wedding!
And so excited to have you spend the day with us! 
Thanks, J- and S-“

From a wedding ceremony vocal soloist: “Thanks for the ceremony cue sheet, Montana! I have heard so many wonderful things about your ceremonies! I can't wait to see and hear this one!”

E-mail received two years after their wedding ceremony: “Hi!  I hope things are going well for you. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we are expecting! We are expecting a boy due april 24. Everything is going great and our love keeps growing stronger each day. B- has been very supportive & has gone to every one of my appointments. Again thanks for our wonderful ceremony.  Take care, H”

“Hi Montana!
 It has been busy and crazy here.  We LOVE the ceremony!  No issues at all.  It looks wonderful…It's like being a kid and waiting for Santa Claus! I almost can't stand it! LOL Hugs, Elizabeth”

From a ceremony photographer: “Hi Montana! Thank you so much for sending over the cue sheet - I appreciate it and am looking forward to their ceremony! Please let me know if there's anything you need from us during the wedding day & we look forward to meeting you on Thursday! Best, AD”

“Montana, We just wanted to THANK YOU so much for your dedication, you are pretty amazing!”

“Hi Montana!
Thank you very much for the wonderful Ceremony and your help bringing it all together. We received a lot of compliments on the ceremony and how personal it was. Everyone loved the bells and stones! You did a wonderful job!”

and again two days later…“Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. And moreover reminding Jeremy and I why we love each other.
Thank you again!  Brandy”

“This is terrific!  I very much appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail! The actual ceremony is probably the most intimidating part of this whole wedding planning thing (to me, at least), and I appreciate your questions and guidance greatly.  Christie”

Thank you for writing such a touching wedding ceremony.  Heather and I are very excited for next Saturday!
Best, Bob”

From an out-of-state family member participating in the ceremony:  “Montana, -- you're so helpful and thorough-- it's quite incredible.   I can't wait for this ceremony! I've been looking forward to it for months!  Thank you for all you do! You have such a wonderful reputation among the G----- family!”

“Hi E____,
My name is Elizabeth _______.  My husband and I were recently married by Ms. Spencer in July.  She asked if I would be kind enough to send a referral your way.  I completely understand having a sense of hesitancy and urgency at the same time in trying to find the perfect fit in an officiant.  I can say with absolute certainty and enthusiasm that Montana is it!!!!
My husband and I live in Florida with our children and were married in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is where his family lives.  Our entire wedding was planned long distance with phone calls, emails and a lot of faith that the wedding would come together as we envisioned it.  We both wanted a ceremony that was "uniquely us" in that the ceremony wasn't the "standard" or "regular" religious ceremony.  We wanted our guests to be involved as much as possible and wanted to pay tribute to those people closest to us.  It was also very important to us that our children be directly involved in the ceremony as well.  This was a second marriage for both of us and as each of us has a child from a previous marriage, we wanted to be able to marry those children into our new union as well. 
When I first spoke with Montana she was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and shared her thoughts and ideas in a non-intrusive manner.  She instantly put me at ease with her demeanor.  I was concerned that we would probably not meet until the day of our ceremony, but we kept in touch with emails and phone calls and got everything squared away.  She sent us a questionnaire that the two of us filled out separately and from that information she created a story of how we became "us".  It was such an amazing story when we went over the draft.  I had to keep reminding myself that this was our story!  It not only was beautiful but it made me step back a moment and see how fortunate my groom and I were to have each other and our children. 
When ceremony day came I finally got to meet her!  If you are getting married in Indianapolis or close by, I'm sure you'll get to meet with her regularly.  But, I can honestly say that meeting her for the first time wasn't anything like I imagined.  You know how you talk off and on to old friends and sometimes a long time goes by that you don't have contact and then you get back in touch and it feels like you pick up where you left off?  That's how it felt for me.  I was so happy to see her.  She was exactly what I had expected, we hugged, she was warm and genuine!  
I was extremely nervous as was my groom.  I was quite sick to my stomach and was having anxiety that I'd never had before.  I wanted everything to go smoothly and everyone to have a wonderful time.  Montana calmed me down, she was consistent in her positive attitude, and was patient with us.  Our youngest children are 4 and 2.  We expected them to not go with the flow, which is exactly what happened!!! :-)  But Montana kept on going and we enjoyed our rehearsal a great deal!!!
The ceremony went just perfectly!  Jason and I exchanged our vows (ones which we did not write, but were very personal and fit us perfectly) (I'm not very creative).  We then exchanged vows to each of our step children, giving them each a token to show sincerity and to seal the deal so to speak.  Next we did a family ceremony that included the bride and groom, and our four beautiful daughters.  It was an amazing ceremony and one that I am proud to have helped create with an amazing woman.  There were no dry eyes in the house - all happy tears I assure you.  After the ceremony, and throughout the evening, there were comments on how wonderful and incredible our ceremony was, that our guests had never experienced a ceremony comparable to ours and that it was the best wedding they'd ever been to!  That is what I wanted to hear!
I will always give a referral or reference for Montana.  She helped us create a special moment in time and for that we are truly blessed to have her in our lives.  I hope this email helps you out in your decision.  Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best of luck.  If you choose Montana to officiate your ceremony I have no doubt you will be able to look back at your wedding with kudos and thanks to Montana for being the glue that held it all together.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me or call me 850-________.
Best wishes to you and yours,
Elizabeth ______”

"Montana, Our ceremony was way more than what we could have ever expected... UNBELIEVABLE!!!! And it was because of you. We had numerous people come up and tell us that our ceremony was the best that they had ever been to and that if you didn't feel love in that barn that night then there was something wrong with you:) So thank you for making it so very special!!!!! Thanks so much Montana,  Bren and Jodie"

“Thank you so much for all your help, you are our wedding savior!  We are so happy that you are our celebrant!!”

“We both love love LOVE it! I cried when I read it. Thank you so much. We will look it over again but we didn’t see anything that needed changing.
Thanks again, H”

“Hi Montana!  It looks great and we think you edited it wonderfully! We are really excited :-) it's getting close!  We appreciate you working with us on this...we think it’s going to be wonderful! R & M”

“Thank you so much! We were both bawling when we read through the second draft of the ceremony, and we can't believe it's almost here. Hope you are well, love.”

“Thank you so much for all the time and thought you put into this for us! We are so thankful and excited! Love, S-“

“Hi Montana!!
We got your wonderful Valentine's day card and book.  Thank you!!  That was so kind of you!!  Thank you so much for the pictures and videos of the wedding.  We watched it this weekend and it was wonderful getting to see the ceremony again.  Please tell D- thank you for all the videos and photos.  We did not get many pictures of cocktail hour or dancing so your pictures made us sooo happy!!

Thank you again for doing the most amazing job on our ceremony, it really was the best day of our lives and the ceremony was so perfect because of you! 

Thank you so much,
H- and T-“

“HI Montana!!
I'm sorry i'm just getting to you.  I went right back to work on Monday and it's been go go go!!! I wanted to let you know that i loved the ceremony and that it's everything i wanted for our wedding.  I thought it was beautiful and everyone commented on how different it was and how it told our story. I had one girl walk up to me and say she didn't know me before but after hearing the ceremony felt like she knew us much better by getting the inside scoop.  :)
btw, Mike loved it and told me to tell you that you did an amazing job!!!
Thanks Montana!!”

“Hi Montana! 
We both love it!! I cried like a baby reading it! And Jake said you totally nailed it! 😃 Thank you. Love it love it Montana!”

We would love to fill some referrals out!  We are so happy with how everything turned out. Like I said we've had so many compliments on the ceremony. I'm pretty sure the photographer did get a picture of the three of us. I will surely send you some pictures once we get them back or have you view them on the online album. We also wanted to thank you for the gift you left for us with our ceremony and vows! We appreciate that so much! I love the book the ceremony is in! As well as the lovely card we received from you in the mail. We are so pleased you were part of our wedding day! You made it absolutely wonderful! I will keep in touch. 
Love, Stephanie”


"B___ and I had a chance to talk over some more wedding plans over the holiday and we would love it if you could officiate our wedding! I'm crazy excited and think it's beyond cool to have you be our officiant! 
Please let me know if you're still available for December 3rd! :)  Hope to hear from you soon and wish you all the best in the new year! 

Hugs!  Stephenie"


Thank you again so very much for all you’ve done to make our day so special! Hugs! Wendy B"


"I will absolutely send reviews to everything I can. It would be my pleasure. I loved the ceremony. I honestly could not have been more pleased. Literally the only bad thing wast he heat. It kept many of our friends and family from attending. But we still had a wonderful time. Thank you for the pictures. I love them. 
I thank you for everything and really feel that we have made a connection with you and would love to stay in touch. I am here for you in anything you need. I truly can not thank you enough. You gave me the ceremony I always wanted.  
Much love and happiness,  Caresse"


"You really DO think of EVERYTHING -- thank you! Gracie"


"...The friend testimonials were also awesome, very touching and we were glad to hear them. We also wanted to thank you for the book you put together, it was a touching gift that we have on our mantle. 
And yes, my mom absolutely loved the ceremony! It was a total surprise for her so you were seeing very real, in the moment emotions. It was a fantastic experience. We will keep you in mind for any future referrals and will recommend you to any friends in the market for a wedding :) 

Thank you so much for all the help and support during the ceremony. You were great!

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