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I am a Certified Life-Cycle® Celebrant and Creatress of distinctive ceremonies and transformative rituals that acknowledge and support clients in honoring life passages, transitions and milestones from birth through end-of-life.  Sometimes we need ceremonies that are celebratory and affirming and other times we can use the power of community and ritual to help us with grief, loss, and healing.


Older cultures understood that when one person experienced a change, it affected everyone in that person's circle so the whole tribe or community came together to mark these milestones.  The ceremonies I create are not typical spectator events, but instead incorporate everyone present and give them the opportunity to feel a part of the magick that happens when we honor our sorrows and joys, setbacks and growth.


I work with my clients to craft memorable and life-changing ceremonies and rituals that reflect their personalities, lifestyles, and spiritual paths so the words and actions chosen feel real and true to them.  I celebrate and honor diversity and it is my pleasure to serve all nationalities, faith paths, races, cultures, and lifestyles.  I am gay-friendly and proudly serve the LGBTQ community.​​

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